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Michael Benöhr is a London based German-Chilean drummer and music educator with more than 20 years of performing and recording experience. His work as a drummer and tutor has taken him to many places around the globe including Germany, USA, Ciina, UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Chile. 

Michael’s great musicality, tasteful drumming style, huge energy, technical versatility and positive attitude have made him the drummer of choice for many UK artists. Michael is also a Sonor, Roland, Remo and Vater endorser.

Apart from being an active live and studio drummer, Michael is the founder and director of East London Drum School and London School of Music.

Throughout his musical career Michael has drummed among others for Gabrielle Aplin (Number 2 in the UK album charts, May 2013), Aggro Santos (Number 5 in the UK Charts, May 2010), Jeye T (part of Gary Powell's label The 25 Hour Convenience Store) and Tinashé (debut album "Save" was released by Universal Island). His love for electronic beats can be seen on his various drum videos on YouTube, which have more than 75.000 views.


Michael’s passion for drumming started at an early age. As he hit pillows and pans, he saved money for three years to buy his first drum kit, aged 13. Shortly after acquiring his instrument, Michael joined different bands in his hometown of Concepción, Chile. In 2001 Michael moved to Germany to study Music Education and Music Performance, with drums as his first instrument and piano as his second, at the University of Arts Bremen, Germany. He also took part in an exchange program at the California State University of Long Beach, USA. During and after his studies, Michael has had the privilege of being taught by world-renowned drummers Portinho, Billy Hart and Craig Blundell. 


While living in Germany, Michael played in several projects of different music styles (Jazz, Latin, Funk, Rock). In 2007 he toured Germany with Electro-Hip-hop act James Lars & the Sexual Chocolate. He moved to the UK in 2008, after joining Indie-Rock band The Splendour, playing over 25 gigs while touring the UK. Since then Michael has performed at international festivals and high profile venues, such as Lovebox Festival, London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony, The O2 in Greenwich and London’s Jazz Café. He has also performed on TV and Radio stations in the UK and Netherlands (MTV Live Sessions, Kerrang! Radio, Omroep Hulst) and recorded among others with Jasper Irnt (Lilly Allen, Pink), Sam John (Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Pendulum) and Shuta Shinoda (Ghostpoet, Hot Chip).


Michael is currently the drummer of indie band Ziegler Co and Motown band The Supreme Collective. 

@ 2018 by Michael Benöhr. Video by Sergio Ayala. Photography by Robert Lipnicki. All rights reserved.



"Michael Benöhr is a talented musician able to adapt to many styles of music. His feel for grooves and technical approach to playing is a pleasure to 
watch and listen to."  


- Gary Powell, 
The Libertines

"Michael is a great drummer, he’s a proper powerhouse and brings a great energy to my set." 


- Aggro Santos, Number 5 in the UK Charts May 2010

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